In creating a new coaching practice, I had gotten so excited and activated around life and purpose that I stopped doing my normal self-care, eating well, exercising, meditating and doing all the spiritual practices I do daily. This has always been my superpower and my saving grace.

After a month off-center and slowly doing less and less of what fills me up, I was hit over the head by this realization – it’s so great that my body and psyche literally scream for my attention that I have choice but to listen. So, I got an energy healing, took a hot Epsom salt bath, played a rambunctious and embodied Spiderman game with my brother and 3/13 half year old nephew (made up by them and elaborated by me). Luckily, all my years of rocking self-care allowed me to come back to myself within the course of an evening and I still took the weekend off! Now I’m floating in a cloud – in Orlando where it’s warm and sunny and my body is purring a sweet YES!

I had gotten caught in all the strategy and learning of a new business world, the coaching world. This is not like me. I created a successful six figure therapy practice over time simply by showing up and doing the work, loving what I did and intuitively following my natural gifts, authenticity and passion. Now all of a sudden, I had lost myself and was certainly not creating this practice from a feminine-inspired, spacious, slowed down, present, true-to-my heart place. Supporting women to be their authentic badass selves, love themselves in all of who they are, move through who they think they are supposed to be and discover who they truly are – how they do life,
business, love, self-care, spirituality in their own unique way – is what I am all about.

How amazing that I just got a taste of doing it the other way! I have all sorts of conditioning around being a woman I’ve had to look at and let go of over the years. But, doing what society says I’m supposed to be as a woman in how I live my life and run my business is not one of them. For those of you who don’t know me well, I have done all kinds of alternative things – sitting multiple 6-week silent meditation retreats, a vision quest, a 4-month sabbatical from my therapy practice to travel in India solo – which actually proved to be inspiring to my teenage clients and their mothers, for any of you out their visioning doing the same.

One of the biggest reasons I love working with girls and women is because I feel so passionate about mentoring and coaching them to be true to themselves. And, I’ve done this myself in spite of my perceived limitations and others’ judgments. And, of course, there are also areas of life where I haven’t or have judged myself harshly for not having the thing I’m supposed to have to be happy…and, every time, I have suffered big time. Over the years, I have been truly gifted to work with so many girls and women, helping them to shift out of their conditioning and shoulds, and transform community and the world as a whole. I truly believe that girls and women listening to themselves and their heart inner call creates the transformation and leadership we need in the world. I absolutely love being a part of that! I am inspired by all the female coaches, therapists, healers, leaders and visionaries that are out there transforming girls and women’s lives.

I’m so excited for this next adventure where I get to offer even more of me in service to the world and to keep learning from and being blown away by all the incredible girls and women I get to work with.