I led an Authentic Movement group last night. (For those of you who don’t know, this is a movement form that came out of the dance therapy field) There were 6 women of different ages, ethnicities, sizes and shapes. 6 women who were courageous and exploratory enough to follow my simple, yet profound instructions:

Close your eyes and follow what your body wants to do.
Follow whatever impulse arises.
Follow your body’s desire to make big movements, small movements, subtle movements, dense movements.
To stay in stillness.
To follow the rise and fall of the breath through the body.
To stand in one place and move slowly.
To jaunt wildly around the room.
To make angry staccato movements.
To move in sensual delight.
Follow your internal movements which may not translate to the body moving at all.
Observe what comes and keep listening and following.
Again and again.
And, allow yourself to be observed by the present and loving witness of another woman.
Everything is welcome here. Any thought, insecurity, longing, feeling, impulse, sensation – it is all YOU and has something to tell you, a story that wants to unfold through you.
This is how women learn to listen and follow who they truly are and what they truly desire in life.
Moment by moment.
This is how women learn over and over again to live through the body, the desire, the movement that ignites their soul.
This is how women learn to know what they feel, what they need, and what they want.
This is how women learn to trust themselves, their bodies and their desires.
This is how women learn to ask for what they want, what they need and what they feel most passionate about.
This is how women learn to follow their body’s rhythms in work, love, friendship and all areas of life.
This is how women learn to follow what truly lights them up and create a life made of everything they love and desire.
This is how, we as women, learn to listen to and see each other; to collaborate and lift each other up in sisterhood.
This moment to moment listening is a revolutionary act for women and will change the world!