Simply by living in a body and in this constantly changing world, we all experience trauma. We all have places in ourselves where we feel blocked and stuck and this is usually linked to an experience we had where we shut down emotionally because we didn’t have the help or tools to face it head-on. This is a split off part of self or a shadow part that has been disowned. Bringing these experiences back from the unconscious requires acknowledging, feeling and witnessing the part of yourself you left behind.

Learning to be with challenging emotions, sensations and the thoughts that have developed around the disowned part builds confidence, courage and resilience. Learning tools and skills to sit in the fire of your experience AND to more fluently move in and out of this experience of challenge builds trust in our capacity to be with ourselves no matter what we are going through. We begin to feel less ruled by the ups and downs of our emotional states and we start to feel choice and empowerment. Not being a victim to your mental and emotional states is truly a miracle! As challenging emotions and physical sensations become re-integrated into our awareness, we feel less divided and separate. We are able to feel our wholeness which is always present and has never left us. This wholeness equals inner continuity and peace. We feel an unconditional joy and expansion because we now have more of ourselves.

From this overflowing cup of wholeness and joy, we experience a desire to express who we truly are. We feel free to be ourselves. We feel abundant, creative, inspired and expressive. From this beautiful well inside, we naturally want to express our gifts and passions and be a contribution to others. We start enjoying the rich, juicy process of our lives more than the outcome, which often creates even more incredible outcomes beyond what we could have dreamed up. It’s pretty magical!