My CHALLENGING feelings ARE my SUPERPOWER. And, guess what, they are yours too!

They continually teach me strength, perseverance and courage. They teach me the depths of a mother’s nurturing and soothing love. They teach me how to more fully and radically love myself and others. They show me what is in alignment for me and what is not. They clearly tell me when I am YES to something and when I am a hell NO. They teach me boundaries and limitations, my own and others.

My challenging feelings show me my turn on, my sensuality, my juicy and sexy embodiment. They show me my power, my confidence, my self-expression. My challenging feelings teach me nuanced and exquisite attunement with self and others. They teach me how to be my own healer, the navigator of my peace and well-being in every moment. They make me the powerful healer I am, helping others to face their own depths and shadows with grace and courage.

My challenging feelings keep me honest, humble and real. They make me a vulnerable truth-teller. They bring me to my knees over and over again. Whenever I get arrogant or think I’ve done the work and now I’m free from difficulty, my hard feelings inevitably come back to humble the hell out of me. They teach me an even deeper well of compassion. They remind me, I am perfect, fallible and HUMAN. That I am just like everyone else. And, we are all in this together. My hard feelings have taught me this and so much more!

What have your challenging feelings taught you?

July 31, 2019