Simply by the nature of being human, we all have traumas, wounds, struggles, places we haven’t faced in ourselves. We have specific patterning that keeps us stuck in negative spin cycles in our lives – in our relationships, our careers, our internal worlds. This is true even if we’ve been on a personal or spiritual growth path for a long time and have done a lot of healing. We all have shadows and hurts that are still lurking in our unconscious.

Some of us have specific traumas or core wounds that we know we’re not addressing. We are suffering and we are scared, or we simply haven’t gotten around to it. Something in life is always more important. Some of us have long-standing traumas and wounds we aren’t even aware of because we have learned so exquisitely to avoid and keep ourselves busy. We are living a half-life, we feel empty and deadened inside. Perhaps we are struggling with addictions and challenging symptoms, like sleep problems, anxious, repetitive thoughts, depression, overwhelm.

What we don’t face in ourselves, open to and heal creates a prison we are trapped in. Things don’t change for us as we would like them to. Our internal self-defeating emotional and thought patterns remain stuck. We repeat the same relationship patterns or are in the same career path that is not igniting us. Unprocessed traumas and wounds suck energy. Not feeling fully safe to be in your body leads to depression, anxiety and deadness. When you are not able to feel the full range of your pain, you are also blocked from feeling the full range of your pleasure too.

You want the patterns that are holding you back in your life – in relationship, money, career, inner world – to CHANGE, but you’re scared about what you’ll have to face. You’re worried what it could mean for your life, what kind of leaps you’ll have to take. Because once you see the truth, it is hard to keep living a lie, which can feel both liberating and terrifying.

I totally get it. Facing yourself fully can feel scary. And, it’s totally human to feel fear and whole other range of emotions when facing parts we haven’t yet faced. We have split them off and kept them at bay for good reasons.

The truth is:

It’s far worse to keep shit hidden in the shadows. We do this funny thing as humans: we create a scarier picture in our brains, which, over time, leads to a challenging imprint in the body and nervous system. What you will actually face is always way easier than the stories you create and symptoms you go through to keep it at bay. Facing yourself is always way easier than coping mechanisms you’re using to keep yourself safe and stuck. Every time.

Facing your darkness, shadows and traumas is one of the most liberating things you can do. Learning to be in your body fully and feel all of your emotions leads to true POWER and CHOICE.

You learn to open to and unconditionally love yourself through anything and everything you feel and experience.

You learn to source your safety and well-being inside of yourself.

You are available to experience true freedom. You are no longer dictated by fear, shame, conditioning and old programming. You can powerfully choose the life you want to live.

This is especially important for women who are conditioned to source our power, worthiness and security outside of ourselves.

Mindset work and cognitive reprogramming alone will not heal and shift the patterns and traumas. They live in the body, in our nervous systems, in our DNA.

Deep lasting change requires healing the emotional pattern at the root through the body. The surplus of anxious thoughts will then magically fall away. Symptoms such as addictions, depression and anxiety will dissolve. Long-standing repetitive patterns will shift organically. You will be free to create life on your own terms. Miracles and magic will begin to happen in your life.

November 7, 2019