In some ways, our culture is a stand for women feeling their emotions, but I would argue only up until a point.

It is threatening for women to fully feel their emotions, be with the reality of their lives, and process the experiences they and their ancestors have faced.

Threatening because it would mean that women would open to and feel all their true feelings.

We would move beneath the addiction, depression, anxiety and emptiness that is so prevalent amongst women in our culture.

We would learn to process our shame, guilt, unworthiness and powerlessness in order to not buy into these as truth ~ these emotions are slippery and arise in all sorts of unexpected ways that most women aren’t even aware of.

We would learn to process the traumas that live in our bodies and nervous systems that may have happened to us in this life or in our lineage, and all rooted in the the traumas we carry as women from 10,000 years of patriarchy .

We would transform the way our nervous systems habitually react, often in attempts to feel safe and secure, that result in us making harmful or misaligned choices in our relationships, jobs and lives.

We would no longer abandon ourselves, source our power and happiness outside and attempt to control or manipulate relationships and outcomes in order to feel worthy and safe.

Because, let’s be real: that is not true safety or power. We are not powerful when we are making choices from overactivated nervous systems and old programming that were created in the first place to keep us small, dependent and fearing for our safety and well-being.

We would know who we truly are, what we truly want and how to truly be powerful.

Imagine a woman who can sit in the fire of her experience and not let the small, conditioned part of her be in control! 🔥

This is a powerful woman: one who is courageously facing herself and making space to create a life of her true creation and making.

It is also a woman who is standing for her sovereignty, her sexiness and her Soul’s true embodiment and power.

Because having the skill and power to open to all the energies, emotions and sensations that move through us and our bodies is pure magic and enlivens us all over.

Being with the range of our humanity – darkness and light – can also feel sexy and ecstatic af; this is one of the things I most love teaching women and is a more advanced teaching.

As a woman who has navigated the darkness and the most harrowing states a human go through for most of my life, I teach women how to courageously open to all of who they are – their light and beauty and their darkness and shadows.

Only by opening to all of it can we heal and release the conditioning and programming that lives in our nervous systems and bodies.

Only by opening to all of it can we be with and feel all of who we are as a women, which is our full and unbridled life force, power and energy.

This is the work I offer to women who are ready to face their darkness and their shadows in order to claim their power, wholeness and juicy embodiment. These are women who are committed to unwinding and healing old programming, wounds and trauma; learning to rewire their nervous systems; and discovering who they truly are and what truly lights them up.

October 4, 2019