Hi, I’m Lori.

I’m a fierce, bold, radiant truth-teller, licensed therapist, coach, healer, dancer, yogi, devotee of the body, awareness, love and beauty.

I’m so glad you’re here.

As a highly sensitive child with finely tuned emotional and bodily awareness, I would look out at the world and think, “Everyone is speaking or acting a certain way, but no one is saying what’s really true.”

While everyone around me lived on the surface of their emotions I sensed the depth of every frustration, hurt and shame they were too afraid to feel.

Without guidance to understand and foster this ability, I withdrew from these intense feelings, disconnected from myself, my body, my passions and life itself.

I also struggled to find a true sense of security in my relationship with my parents, and I became preoccupied with the idea of finding the love, safety and security that always seemed just out of reach.

As a result, a lifelong pattern of seeking, searching, understanding, and fixing was birthed, becoming a hallmark of my personality and life’s focus. I was preoccupied with healing, personal and spiritual growth, and transformation, believing that I might finally find the cure to my suffering and chronic feelings of discontent.

I believed that when I FINALLY got there (which of course I never did), I would feel happy being me. I would feel loved, whole, and at peace.

I put so much energy and effort into healing at the expense of experiencing the joys and blessings that were right in front of me everyday.

It evolved into an addiction and obsession with healing, with fixing, with curing. The more I tried to change and failed, the more miserable I became until I felt as if I would never be happy or find peace. The struggle to heal by seeking answers outside myself was keeping me in a never-ending cycle of despair, depression and anxiety.

My freedom finally came from accepting and loving myself as I am now, ending the search outside and the never-ending struggles inside, and taking responsibility for my emotions, happiness and well-being every day.

I had to move through valleys of darkness, frustration, and fear in this journey to finally understand my gift.

Today, I know the truth:

This is my superpower.

I see the beauty of people as they really are. I can sit in the fire with the totality of anyone’s darkness–their anger, sadness, or shame–and help them to feel themselves, to see their own truth and brilliance at a level they didn’t know was possible.

I understand how confusing, overwhelming, lonely, and unhappy life can feel. I know how hard it is to never quite feel fulfilled or happy, despite what your life might look like from the outside.

And I KNOW there is a way through.

Being seen, understood, and appreciated for who you truly are is a deeply healing and empowering experience. When trust and safety are established, healing can happen quickly.

Accepting, loving, and knowing yourself fully, free of conflict and shame, is at the heart of living an authentic and joyful life. A life where you not only survive, but truly THRIVE.

I have studied, practiced, and taught everything from therapy to alternative healing, intimacy, communication, embodiment, spirituality and many other things in-between. My journey has ultimately led me to offer all that I’ve learned to others, to guide them through the process of creating a life full of authenticity and joy.

Coaching and mentoring women and girls into the most extraordinary and authentic versions of themselves is my passion and my art.

The world desperately needs your authentic voice, wisdom and brilliance, which only you can offer.

I am here to help you find your way.

Let’s do this together!