Welcome to my Feminine Alchemy GROUP PROGRAM! I open up this group three times a year, where I take you through my proprietary transformational process. Below is everything you need to know about who the group is for and what will be covered. It is an intimate container for those ready to do the deep work necessary to transform into your greatest version of yourself and emerge embodied and confident in your life purpose. I invite you to connect with me to learn more and see if the group is a fit for you. The next group begins January, 2020.

Feminine Alchemy

You are a powerful, beautiful and deep woman with highly attuned senses and sensitivities who knows you are here to make a massive difference in your own life, for others and the world around you.

You have been through the emotional trenches and have done a lot of spiritual and transformational work and you still can’t ever seem to get to the other side of these challenges, traumas and struggles. Somewhere along the way you always seem to get stuck. This is massively stopping you from feeling like you have a positive grip on life and knowing and living your soul gifts and your deepest contribution to humanity.

You have enjoyed your life and have created some of the things you’ve wanted but you know you are avoiding seeing and feeling certain parts of yourself, your wounding, your shadows, the places that scare you, and that this is causing another kind of stuckness. You feel a lack of luster, wholeness and vision, your health and vitality intimately affected. There is a limit to how far you go in yourself and this is causing dis-ease in several areas of your life.

You are not seated fully in your feminine sovereign throne – that place where you are deeply embodied, empowered, in full trust of your own rhythms and desires, in full embrace of your worthiness and wholeness, in full expression of your voice and soul gifts.

You are ready for the biggest transformation of your life with the support of a highly experienced healer, therapist and guide (who has made this journey herself) and an incredible group of women to see, hear and witness you in your darkest, scariest places AND in your brightest light, love and power.

You are ready to know and experience fully how your darkness and struggles are the very seeds of your soul gifts and your soul-aligned purpose and this gives you chills to even think about.

This journey is not for the faint of heart; it is for those brave enough to traverse the deepest corners of the psyche to find the lightness that is on the other side. Because you know that you cannot fully have yourself, know yourself, be living in your full embodiment, wholeness and purpose if you do not embrace and own all parts of you – the light and the dark.

Contrary to popular belief, this journey is sexy as fuck. Only by getting in touch with all of who we are as women – our messy and primal feelings, sensations and desires, our shadows and most ashamed and avoided parts, can we find our deep, juicy, sensual and powerful embodiment.

Witnessing is freedom because once you bring your darkness to light and you are witnessed in that, it no longer has power over you. You are freed from it. The present, compassionate and steady witnessing of the group will superpower the individual and collective work we will do together.

We are doing this work of wholeness and reclamation not only for ourselves, but for all women (and really for the planet). Emerging as a NEW YOU who can love, hold and honor ALL parts of herself regardless of what’s in front of her, stripped away of masks, conditioning, false pretenses and projections, the ripples will not only be felt in your own life, but will carry to the lives of all women on the planet.

  • Four Month Program
  • Weekly 2-hour Group Zoom Calls
  • Three Individual Deep Dives with Lori
    • Intention-Setting and Healing Session
    • Deep Healing Session
    • Creation of Soul Gifts Signature Process
  • Personalized embodiment exercises
  • Personalized meditation instruction
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Massive accountability and support from Lori around connecting your deep healing to actionable steps to achieve your goals
  • An accountability and healing buddy to superpower your transformation, empowerment and soul offering
  • Practice dyads and group work to practice healing work and your soul gifts signature process


Entering the Descent: Preparations for the Journey
  • Uncovering Stuckness and Blocks
  • Your Intentions for Course and the Biggest Vision For Your Life
  • Healthy Lifestyle to Support Journey
  • Self-care, Mindset and Energy
  • Becoming Present and Embodied
  • Why me? Accepting Resistance and Struggle
  • Existential Angst and Questioning
  • Precursors to Working with the Mind
  • Regulating the Nervous System


Alchemical Healing & Transformation
  • Deeper Presence with Earth and Body
  • Creative Ways of Working with the Mind
  • Somatic Practices to Uncover the Core of Experience
  • Compassion Practices and Self-Mothering Sensation
  • Working with Internal Conflict: Parts Work
  • Shadow Work and Core Wounds
  • Healing Attachment Wounds
  • Developmental and Collective Trauma
  • Earth rituals to strengthen awareness, attachment and release
  • Repattering the nervous system


Female Sovereignty: Reclaiming Your Throne
  • Wholeness and Integration: The Quiet after the Storm – Who are you now?
  • Cultivating self-trust and deeper embodiment: Authentic Movement Practice
  • You are worthy of it all! Moment to moment self-holding, self-acceptance and honoring
  • Full-throttle embodiment: Practices to arrive more deeply into this present moment and be here to experience it all!
  • Creating your unique proclamations and signposts to live by
  • Relcaiming your Voice: Exercises to support authentic truth-telling and wisdom
  • Becoming You Own Inner Healer: The process of trusting your own unique healing medicine
  • Celebrating ourselves: Gratitude and the Power of creating new, positive neural pathways


Harvesting Your Soul Gifts
  • Discovering your soul gifts from journey
  • Passions, Desires and Intentions Now
  • Discovering your sacred wound (in your core wound)
  • Your sacred wound holds the key to your sacred soul medicine
  • Uncovering your core message from your core wound
  • Actualizing your soul gifts: Engaging more deeply with the gems of your harvest


Your Soul Work on the Planet
  • Creating your Soul Gifts Signature Process
  • Presentation and offering to the Group: Using the Power of your Voice
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! Leadership and Confidence-building
  • Consulation with Lori
  • Next Steps: Creating an Actionable Plan to offer your Soul Gifts Signature process
  • Celebrating our journey together

At the end of the course, you will be a woman who:

  • Trusts your own moment to moment inner guidance system and your capacity to be with yourself, heal yourself and hold yourself through anything.
  • Has a strong capacity to be with uncomfortable sensations, thoughts and emotions instead of dissociating, disconnecting, escaping into the egoic mind and falling into self-loathing and shame.
  • Has healed and transformed long-standing patterns which have kept you stuck and held you back in life.
  • Has increased feelings of worthiness and feeling that you are enough.
  • Is experiencing deeper embodied in all levels of your being – emotionally, physically, spiritually – this full embodiment means you are able to arrive more deeply into this present moment and be here to experience it all!
  • Has personalized practices, skills, rituals, meditations, healing and transformational methods that support you every day of your life! With the immense capacity to trust the exact healing medicine to support your continued healing, empowerment, embodiment and sovereignty moment to moment.
  • Has a bonded community of incredible sisters who’ve got your back.
  • Has found your authentic voice and feels the confidence to express your truth and your soul gifts in the world.
  • Has a firm grasp of your soul gifts and an inspiration to use them with an actionable plan of how you will use them moving forward.
This is a designed and proven proprietary process I am bringing you, combining my work as a licensed therapist for the last 10 years with my 15+ years as a transformational counselor and workshop leader.

I am well-versed in a wide range of therapeutic methods, including cutting-edge somatic, attachment and trauma-based modalities. I am also an Authentic Movement Facilitator, Communication and Intimacy Coach and have been a practitioner of Therevadan and Tibetan Buddhism for over 20 years.

I have supported hundreds of children, teenagers, parents, girls and women in their process of healing and transformation. I have a deep passion for supporting girls and women to free themselves from the shackles of female conditioning and limitation so they can be their fully-expressed authentic badass selves.

Feminine Alchemy is the heart and soul of my life and journey! It is my creative baby borne directly out of my heart-wrenching and grueling life experience of yearsof darkness and struggle. I wish I had had a guide I trusted to take me all the way through. I had friends, therapist, healers and spiritual teachers. I struggled and I resisted. A LOT. No one modality or practice seemed to work which led me to search far and wide inside and out for a way through my pain and struggles.

For the last 20 years of my life, I was in an almost-constant state of a healing and transformational process, attempting to learn and weave practices, healings and teaching together on my own. In some ways, this is required; we are all our own best healers. We have to learn to trust ourselves, it is part of the journey of healing. And, yet it helps greatly to have a guide to mentor who has been there herself and who has supported others in the same journey, someone who can further support us to hold and know ourselves and support us to deeply listen and trust what we need, our own unique healing medicine.