I offer ongoing Women’s Authentic Movement   Groups in Port Townsend, WA.

Authentic Movement   is a proprietary form that originated from the field of dance therapy. This process helps us develop a new and powerful relationship with our embodied experience. We close our eyes and move from the inside, we learn to follow our bodily impulses and desires, connecting with movement, sensation, imagery, emotion and memory. We learn to more deeply embody ourselves; our pleasure, our pain and everything in-between.

Authentic Movement   gently unearths unconscious experience from the depths of the psyche in a powerful, yet palatable way. The body learns to tell its own story and we are both witnessed by others and develop a powerful inner witness.

Through this process, participants report deep enjoyment and connection with self, body and psyche as well as a growing ability to be with all experience with grace and ease. They find that this process helps make meaning of their experiences and lives through the medium of the body.

For more information about ongoing authentic movement groups and upcoming workshops and events.


Women’s Authentic Movement Series

Where: Madrona Mindbody in Port Townsend, WA
Dates: Thursday, June 6th, 13th & 20th, 7-9pm | Tuesday, June 25th, 7-9pm.

The last evening will be an open studio for women in the community who cannot attend the entire series. The entire series will be a much deeper dive! I will be offering a longer ongoing group beginning in September. This is chance to experience a taste of this.

I also offer different events and workshops, both live and online, covering the following topics:

  • Embodiment and Movement Classes
  • Mindfulness and Awareness Meditations
  • Relationship, Intimacy and Boundary Work
  • Interpersonal Process Groups
  • Authentic Communication
  • Embodied Transformational Group Work
  • Healing Trauma and Regulating the Nervous System
  • Supporting coaches to create content related to above topics for their programs

For more information about ongoing authentic movement groups and upcoming workshops and events.


I am available to offer daylong or longer workshops that hone in on a specific topics and/or groups. I love collaborating with other therapists, coaches and facilitators, bringing our varied gifts and skills together to create new, meaningful and powerful experiences for others. I would love to hear from you if you have an idea or concept you would like my support and creative collaboration with.