I’m Lori Goldman, a Transformational Coach and Healer who is passionate about supporting girls and women to discover who they truly are and what they love and live their most inspired and fully-expressed life.

  • Do you struggle to trust yourself and lack confidence?
  • Are you tired of looking to outside sources to find a sense of well-being and happiness?
  • Are you ready to discover who you truly are and live life on your own terms?
  • Are you ready to move through what’s blocking you from living your greatest vision for your life?

You are not alone! As girls and women, we live amidst many mixed messages. We are told to be bold, but not too “bossy”; expected to be pretty, but shamed for our sexuality; taught to be strong and independent, yet caring at the expense of our own needs.

We’re expected to live, compete and act like men, at the expense of our own feminine gifts. We are told that, if we just accomplish this next big thing, we’ll finally be happy. This outside-in approach is dictated by the patriarchal culture in which we live.

Our own inner longings, our passions, desires, and deeper purpose are lost amongst the messages we receive from outside of ourselves.

Learning to honor, trust and follow our own inner guidance system, our unique rhythms, needs and desires is vitally important for our well-being and happiness. Learning to be with ourselves with exquisite, beauty, love and acceptance is nourishment for our souls.

The more we can live in alignment to the truth of who we are, which is unique to each girl and woman, the more nourished, inspired, free and enlivened we feel in our lives, REGARDLESS of what is happening. We then naturally feel inspired to offer our unique gifts and passions to others and the world.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women, teenagers and girls, guiding them along this path for over 15 years as a transformational counselor, workshop leader and therapist.

Most importantly, I have been on a deep, often grueling, and heart-expansive journey of transformation, awakening and personal and spiritual growth myself for over 20 years.

If you are a teenage girl, college-aged young woman or an adult woman, I support you to:
  • Truly see, be and love all parts of yourself
  • Find strength and value in your emotions and sensitivity
  • Develop a deep-seated sense of inherent self-worth and empowerment
  • Move through the world in a secure, embodied and open-hearted way
  • Feel into the joy of being spontaneously alive
  • Embody your radiance and sensuality
  • Trust and inhabit your authentic truth and make decisions from your deepest intuition
  • Cultivate an internal compass and boundaries that allow you to communicate with boldness and compassion
  • Become confident and clear about your desires, passions and purpose and take the next steps toward living them out
Mentoring the next generation of young women into bright, vibrant, and extraordinary lives: This is my art.

Coaching women to fully LOVE and accept all of who they are—to embody and express their joy, authenticity and passion: This is what I’m here for.

This is what my journey has been all about.

You deserve happiness and well-being. You deserve to feel a sense of wholeness and completeness and joyful acceptance for who you are.

The world is calling for your power, radiance and self-expression.

I’m here to help you find your way.

Your Freedom Lies in the Struggle is my publication in this Amazon compilation book. It’s my personal transformational journey through darkness and how it provided the medicine for the healing and coaching work I do with women and girls.

“Since I was a small child, I have danced on the edges of what society would label as mental illness and insanity. I spent my life wavering between periods of severe depression, darkness, terror and suicidal longings. My body felt profoundly unsafe and groundless as I questioned existence and feared non-existence. I went through mental torture, internal conflict, a psyche that often felt overwhelmed, and periods of insomnia and gut-wrenching anxiety. For much of my life, I had many moments of feeling like I would fall over the edge, yet somehow I always managed to stay in this place.

In my worst moments I trusted nothing and no one, was deeply frightened, alone, overwhelmed and suicidal, certain that I was doomed to live in this hell forever, but I somehow always made it through.

My story is not Joseph Campbell’s “dark night of the soul,” but rather a series of descents into the unknown and terrifying world of a tortured psyche whose roots run deep into ancestry, family, childhood and beyond.

From where I now stand as a seasoned, mature woman, I can clearly see that I am here to heal and transmute traumas, wounds, emotions, and energies on an individual and collective level. I came into this world with specific dispositions and sensitivities that allow me to go into the darkest, scariest internal places a human can go to find the light, power, and freedom deep within.

Though I never identified as being mentally ill, I did go through most of my life thinking that something was terribly wrong with me and that I was a “problem” to be solved. Now, on the other side of this harrowing life journey, I realize that going through it and healing from my struggles is what made me who I am now, able to help others find their own healing and truths and accept and love all of who they are. This is the medicine I bring into my work with others, no matter how great and insurmountable their wounding and challenges feel.